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Submit details of your case to our Services desk when you receive an email from us


We flag the reported cases to alert a large network of blockchain services in order to prevent them receiving the defrauded crypto

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Claims will be visible to our investigation partners that may contact the victim to assist in the recovery of the stolen assets

What our clients have to say

Laura Garner Kolding, Denmark

The team checked in by calling me regularly to make sure I had no worries about the case. A lot of Patience was needed to see an excellent result which I am most grateful for and all the support shown. Thank you, I'm so pleased with the results

Gary Williams Detroit, U.S.A

The team was fantastic. Wanted to get started and reimbursed before heading out of town during the holidays. The entire team was able to get us exactly what we needed, extremely quickly. Plan on working with them again in the future.

Ashton Walsh Miami, U.S.A.

My case was enormously complex because I had my monies stolen by three different platforms (Bank transfers, Crypto transfers and a Credit card transaction). Even so, they managed to retrieve most of what I lost. About 85% so far. I honestly did not expect it would work out for me. They have been honest with me and told me that it would be difficult. But I appreciate the transparency and ethical procedures of this team.